Fresh Meat & Mutton


Our company offers fresh meat and lambs chosen from the best Greek Farms.
You can purchase whole or parts of your chosen meat and to be delivered at your store.

We provide the following fresh products:

1) Greek Dairy lambs, Sheep & Goat

2) Pork Whole and Parts (steak filet, etc.).
3) Greek Calf and Parts (Back, leg, etc.), Meat Products (legs, Tripe)
4) Poultry Whole and parts (leg, breast, fillet, etc.)

We also have Buffalo meat and deli meat.

Deli Meat & Meat Products


Our company supporting the Greek producer has established cooperation with the Farm Halastra which produces quality deli meats from fresh handpicked Greek meat produced in their area.

We provide all the products included in the catalogue below.